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The best way of finding the right Php developer

There are many developers who know PHP. it's indeed one among the foremost widely used web programming languages round the world. Its popularity is one among its main strengths. However, it implies a market with a really wide offer, but the qualifications not always easy to understand . Especially since being an honest technician isn't enough to form a developer the required element to finish your team.

PHP compared to other programming languages

PHP is clearly intended for the online . Once this observation is formed , it doesn't take long to understand that it's absolutely everywhere on the web . it's indeed the foremost widely used server-side web programing language . he's involved within the development of internet sites and web applications, from the only to the foremost complex. PHP may be a popular scripting language for developing dynamic sites displayed using requests sent to an HTTP server. it had been born in the hands of a Canadian programmer. Although written in C, PHP is additionally inspired by other programming languages.

What makes an honest PHP developer

Technically, confine mind that an honest PHP developer should have most of the talents below:

  • Excellent knowledge of PHP syntax and its peculiarities,
  • Mastery of excellent language practices, especially with a view to optimizing the performance and security of the code,
  • Good understanding of the MVC model (Model-view-controller),
  • Proficiency in one or more PHP frameworks (Symfony, CakePHP, Laravel, etc.),
  • Knowledge of object oriented programming,
  • General understanding of front-end technologies (JavaScript, HTML, CSS),
  • Ability to figure with one or more management systems, in SQL or NoSQL (MySQL, PostgrSQL, MongoDB, etc.)

This list illustrates what an honest PHP developer is in terms of technology, however it's its limitations and will be tailored to your personal needs. generally , once you want to recruit a php developer, it's better to specialise in the general profile than the right match with each criteria listed. If you're employed with the framework and receive a resume from a developer with extensive experience with Symfony.

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