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Create an API with ROR

Creating website is a must since the web world is a market that can not be underestimated. Indeed, almost everyone is connected these days which makes the virtual world a reference especially for traders. Of course, when creative work, it will be important to choose the tool used because it will guarantee the final result. Ruby on Rails is one of the most used tools in the area and this is due to its many advantages including the ability to create an API.

The creation API

With or ror ruby ​​on rails, ror developers can create a minimalist API with grape gem. You should know that it is a mini-framework that is specially focused for creating REST API. For now, version 0.9.0 is the most stable version of grape. In the application, it will put in place the CRUD or Create, Read, Update, Delete with grape. Naturally, that will use the CRUD will be nothing in basic and error handling will be to follow this step. Note that the CRUD will focus specifically in the creation, updating, editing and deleting an object from the database. As for REST is an architecture of web applications that will make the connection between the client and the server.


Clearly, the API may have several features as does access to customers in the stocks of the site. The approach therefore begin with the creation of the ruby ​​on rails app. Once the application is created, just add a model representing the object to highlight. It is this object that we will manage later with the API. During the creation of the latter, it will add the gem to the grape Gemfile for installation. Once it is installed, it will specify the motor rails where the API will be written too. Then it will set up an API architecture that will be specified as the version number. It will also be important to keep the folder names corresponding to the names of the future API modules and classes. This will allow rails to find the API and remove any errors.

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