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Why we do think that children should learn IT solutions at school

The right to education is a necessary good to everyone, regardless of social status, poor rich, everyone must have access to education. Also, it must above all be accessible to children. And it should be free to all children including those from backgrounds of disadvantage can also be viewed.

It is something necessary to the extent that it allows anyone to develop his personality and the physical and intellectual capacities. It contributes in particular to transmit the principles common to the new generations, and to preserve and perpetuate the values of a society.
It thus contributes to personal development through the promotion of social and professional integration. Its purpose is to improve the quality of life of a person. It offers adults and disadvantaged children a chance to escape poverty. It is an essential tool for economic, social and cultural development of all peoples in the world. Today all are unanimous befits any educational center says otherwise initiate school all children to computer technology.

The tomorrow oh future

Today no one can be passed this tool which is the computer. Indeed everything is computerized, we find that science in all areas of our lives. We passed many forms of information or registration in many center for online registration forms, postal letters to emails, purchases made in cash for online purchases made by credit card and many more.

Hence the importance of teaching children these technologies providing more than scientific forecasts indicate that in the very near futureour whole world will be transformed into a virtual world where everything will be where the binary will be king.

This introduction to computer technology has already started in countries grow enough or we allow children to take the course on computer media, other schools such as we said farewell in writing for all courses, homework and exercises are put in PDF electronic format ... other schools and universities are further ahead since they offer online courses virtual University is spoken there, a term that appears in most of the major university. That said we can now train at home as well as those who go to universities and this solution is much less expensive. And if this solution is already today as advantageous as such will in the coming years? We will see a world where classrooms are half empty and where today's children spend their university degree online from home.

This is why the initiation of children to different it solutions and information technology is crucial for the future of the latter.

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