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Php and wordpress works perfectly well together !

PHP is known for creating dynamic websites, blogs and applications. In this sense its use is quite broad. Even the largest networks and social media have used php and its framework as a programming language. As it is an object-oriented language it is therefore more efficient for the design of these sites.

The advantages of php to the service of Wordpress

Wordpress, as everyone knows, is a content manager. That is to say that it is a dynamic site that can receive any user, any update as well as any kind of customization. This makes it not necessary that users of this platform have coding knowledge to have a blog hosted on this site. The advantages of php is that this one is free software, it is then easier to make his blog interactive and more personalized with this language. In addition, SEO question, php is the best. A good development allows a natural SEO that will influence the positioning of the personal Wordpress page. Also, it can be operated a php programming on Wordpress for very interesting results. It is therefore useful to know how PHP code works on a Wordpress site and how is it that these two devices are also performing together?

Insert a PHP code on Wordpress

If the Wordpress site is a CMS, the pages and posts it contains can be encoded in php. To do this, the code must be placed between special tags that are compatible with the content manager. This code will start to be read from the time the page is sent to the server. The output of the php code will be directly integrated in the post published or on the part of the page where the code was introduced. Whether the script is inserted internally or externally, inserting php code on the page is always more interesting. It is quite easy to work with the php script on this site but it still requires a professional job to really achieve a good result.

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