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How is our philosophy to develop ruby on rails?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of programming languages. To go faster, we will simply say that they are very numerous. When it comes to choosing the one you want to use for any project, you do not have to do it at random. First of all, you need to identify those you control. Then, it is important to know the scope of your project. The answer to this question can help a lot. But, we will also tell you that it is better to have, if possible, the opinion of your client.

For us, ruby is the best, it is why we use it.

Development companies often try to touch a little bit on all languages. We did not take that route. What we have done is to focus on one language. And, the one we have chosen is none other than the language ruby on rails. If we did, on the one hand it is to show everyone that we should not always follow what the mass does. On the other hand, it is because it is a programming language that we are passionate about. We then decided to make it our main working tool. And, we can assure you, we are by no means disappointed in our choice. The majority of the projects we had to carry out, we developed them with this language. Some guests were a bit surprised by our choice but when they were able to test the finished product, they were conquered. If you also decide to do programming, do not necessarily follow what others do. We took pride in ruby, but we will never impose it on you. So, take the time to imbue yourself with the language you like. If it is also ruby language that you are passionate, do not hesitate to visit our website. You will find very interesting information.

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