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What we do !!

Magento is a Content Management System, mainly intended for companies wishing to develop a medium-sized or large-scale e-commerce site project. One of Magento's strengths is to offer advanced catalog management and pricing rules, enabling e-merchants to create a wide range of promotions from shop-wide promotions to highly targeted discount coupons .

What we do for your e-commerce

We are constantly developing our expertise in the Magento solution to enable our customers to realize their full potential.
We position ourselves as a partner with our customers. To this end, we offer them the best e-business practices that are the fruit of several years of project experience: time to market, marketing ... and before, strategic consulting, ecosystem choice, UX / UI. We accompany you from your business e-commerce project to the perpetuation of your business

But also, we pilot your e-business strategy

To enable you to adopt a successful strategy, the gentflow agency supports you in your e-commerce strategy and brings you its expertise so that your online sales activity is a success. We can take care of all your e-commerce management, define multi-leverage acquisition strategies, retain your loyalty and make your investments more profitable. Our experts are there to support you, to advise you throughout your project to determine an efficient and consistent strategy of your activity.
Our know-how rests on a collaborative work between you, our technical teams and web marketing to ensure a perfect optimization of your e-commerce site. This know-how placed at your disposal will be the key to your success.

We accompany you throughout your new e-commerce experience

Gentflow always has the concern to satisfy its customers, but also and above all to ensure that your business never stops. Indeed, unlike a traditional store, your online business is, and must be, accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. That is why we have opted for complete control of the operating chain. Whether it's for hosting, server maintenance, security, backup and technical monitoring, we've deployed technical and human resources to keep your business going.

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