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What is the best code for ecommerce ?

Magento is a platform of free e-commerce which was created initially by the American publisher Varien on the bases of Framework Zend.This is currently the best ecommerce solution, opensource.

The specificities of the programming magento

The magento programming has the particularity of using Zend framework that offers more opportunities for PHP functionality and standardizes the software architecture. The developer should rather know how to exploit the environment of development Zend and the waiter for the critical applications in PHP. His knowledge regarding waiter's administration is essential. He has to master the architecture MVC to manage the rewriting of URL, on one hand, the mask of the pages to optimize the performance, on the other hand.

  • EAV ( Entity Attribute Value)

Regarding database, the control of MySQL which is inseparable of PHP is a prerequisite. The database structure is flexible because it is possible to add new entries without changing tables.The developer has to master the EAV system with an optimal management of the Entities, Attributes and Values.

  • Observer Event

The integration of the Observers in magento program is not difficult, but it can be learned. The interest is to manage customer side events and actions that follow server side. The developer ensures that there are no conflicts and that the module structure is clear. It must be able to make a direct query to the database when necessary.

  • API

The Application Programming Interface is absolutely to master especially Connection API. Magento offers many possibilities that can be linked with other platforms. The management of access and rights is important on an e-shop. The developer must be able to ensure the coupling of magento with any other system like Magento coupling and open erp, control the import and export of items.

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