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The new PHP 7

It is surprising because it seems that PHP developers cannot count? If, but we just jumped PHP 6 release as it was interrupted by various reasons, so as not to confuse the numbers, we go to the PHP 7 release.

The particularity of PHP 7

It's true there are many parameters that have been changed, and others that have been improved even if the PHP core remains the same. Rest assured, this is a version that is fully dense and very easy to handle. The codes that have worked with the old versions of PHP are still valid for this release. It is important to know that this is a version that can be installed on different system packages, of course with some subtleties to know, but everything should be just fine. PHP is a language which developed automatically through the personal efforts of passionate computer and the web. If php through his rushes the best possible way, we must also do the same to switch our websites on a more attractive and dynamic design. Then one takes advantage to custom php application development in several infrastructure.

PHP will follow your orders to the letter

The php is a language that quickly interacts with the web developer and its customers. In addition, they allow you to have a large amount of information hosted on secure servers and perform daily backups duplicate. It is a package that has the information booklet, which also has catalogs of various products to the choices and categories. There is everything in this version, from the billing program, the mailing, document management, with the automation system events, calendar, and other ground. Any need you might have and require a specific solution can be developed by PHP7.Most web pages are created with the platform as WordPress and PHP function, therefore are languages that will last long.

Master a programming language with the Framework and libraries takes time, always try to create projects that you have learned to practice.

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