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How php and javascript work together

Creating a website is a must. All companies must pass through this stage in order to interact perfectly with the constraints of the virtual world. In this framework, many tools are used like PHP and Javascript or JS. Indeed, these two tools are probably the most used lately and they have specific specificities.

Reference tools

Clearly, php is used for its specificities. PHP is a general and open source scripting language that integrates easily with HTML. Moreover, php is an excellent alternative in order to be able to interact with the HTML since the php pages already contain fragments of HTML. Its code runs exclusively on a server since it is a server-side language. This is how it will produce HTML that will be sent directly to customers without the latter having access to the source code. As for Javascript, it is also a language, but it is rated client. JS codes can be found in most web pages. Moreover, it allows you to dictate what to do to a browser without the need to install any application. Obviously, the use of each tool will depend entirely on the result expected by all developers.

A link between these two tools

Certainly, if we refer to the fact that JS is quoted client and that PHP is listed server, one will expect a great rivalry between these two tools. Only, as reference tools, these two work together on several points. One of the possibilities in this framework is the possibility of transferring a variable JS to PHP. On the site simplyphp.com, it will be possible to have all the knowledge to be able to use in parallel and together these two tools. All the possibilities facing the collaboration of JS and PHP will also be present so that all can use them wisely. The whole thing will then be to know well the specificities of each tool so to use them well. Well-supplied tutorials will then expand your know-how in the field on the site.

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