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Asos is a model of fashion brand development

Asos is a very innovative brand. His digital strategy is very efficient. The main objective of ASOS is to provide a high quality service to its customers. It turns out that this site has received the prize of the site for the best use of social networks. asos is one of the most famous and famous brands in clothing marketing.

The evolution of the Asos brand

Fashion continues to evolve over the decades. Its progress does not stop and its development does not stop accelerating. The time of custom tailors, hours spent in shops is now very distant. Asos is a very reliable solution that makes life easier for Internet users. This shop is in a way a new market but which leaves an infinite possibility of creativity. It is a place of exchange for fashion lovers in search of novelty and style at a low price. The speed, the detail but also the service are the keys of this shop. Nick Robertson and Quentin Griffiths had the ingenious idea to copy the clothes of these stars of the small screen, become the symbols of a very accessible fashion. The charm is such that ASOS becomes the reference of online fashion. The main asset of ASOS is its rich array of 800 creators. The brand Asos offers floating sales throughout the year that allows to concoct diversified accessories. It displays more than 2000 new looks a week. On a global scale, the Asos brand is one of the trendsetters where fashion never goes out of style.

The keys to the development of the ASOS brand

The Asos site is the world's first most visited online clothing store. The sales amount of this company is six hundred and thirty-three million euros. This store today has about a thousand employees. The ASOS e-commerce site now offers a delivery service in one hundred and ninety countries, adding that it offers more than fifty thousand brands. There are brands at all prices with permanent promotions. This platform also draws attention to its flagship products. It uses highly reliable marketing tools that ensure a single service.

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